Day 103: Stone Lady

Day 103: Stone Lady

So I actually did manage to get outside today to do a sketch which is pretty good going on account of the fact that my track record of doing what I say I’m going to lately hasn’t been brilliant.


So anyway, at the top of my village is the old manor house which has a pretty long drive leading from the village to the house with these statues at bridge to the drive. Decided that they’d make for a good series of daily sketches as there are a few of them there and there mostly all different.

Unfortunately though I couldn’t get much closer to this one to try and capture it more accurately but I’m pretty sure you can all still make out that its a woman. As for the black outline around the image its something that I’ve been trying on other sketches that I’ve done to try and push the image out more so wanted to give it a go with this, obviously there isn’t a black outline to the statue in real life. I quite like it too though its not brilliantly done in this sketch as it does seem to do the job of making the image stand out.

Anyway that’s all for today. No idea what I’m going to sketch tomorrow as I’m at work from 10 till 6 but I’m sure I’ll find something.

Till tomorrow!


Day 102: Blown Away!

Day 102: Blown Away!

So today was one of those days where I had a plan and it all went to pieces due to an upset stomach. Still I had a nice relaxing day and the illness has seemed to gone so I got a sketch done after all, another sketch of Woody the mannequin who is fast becoming a regular topic of sketch.


Now why the mannequin? Well my wife had apparently decided to put it in a fairly interesting falling/ blown backwards pose which I thought looked funky so decided to sketch it.

Not much else to say really other than I quite like the outcome from above the waist. Below the waist, not so much as it looks fairly awkward though I can’t really work out why.

Anyway that’s all for today. Got a day off tomorrow so have some ideas for a outside sketch which hopefully I’ll get round too.

Till tomorrow!

Day 101 Self Potrait time!

Day 101: Self Portrait time!

So as usual I’ve started a new sketchbook with my 101st sketch so its time for another self portrait to go with the new sketchbook.


Now, given that the last portrait I did (of anyone) was the pretty accurate John Wayne one, I think i may have gone a bit wrong with this. I think this is probably due to my features which seem a bit out of scale with the rest of the head. Still at least it’s got some tone in it which is a good thing. Will have to do another self portrait at some point where I actually have some more time rather than rushing and see if I can actually get the features down correctly.

Still, despite the weird features you can still tell its me kind of which I suppose is a good thing. My wife did say though that I looked like a hamster in it so I’m not sure what to do with that comment.

Anyway its nice to have started another sketchbook and get into the 100’s with them. Still, the fire needs another log and I need to post this before midnight so its time to leave you all with my ugly mug!

Till tomorrow!

Day 100: Making Time!

Day 100: Making time!

So today marks the 100th day of daily sketching and then uploading to this blog. now as stated yesterday I was going to try and get something different done for today but as usual the weather and time constraints played against me and I ended up doing something simple but I think, fitting.


So here we have it, a simple clock to mark the passing of time that has hopefully been accompanied by a increase in skill and ability with my drawing.

Now, please don’t think this will be ,my last sketch as this is not the case at all in fact I fully intend to keep going for as long as possible and build up a large and hopefully progressively better library of daily sketching.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to drop by and maybe leave a comment or just a like here and there as its really helped to get me to the 100 posts mark and will hopefully continue to help me do sketch after sketch into the future.

So yer, I’ll now leave you with this slightly wonky clock sketch to mark the passage of the last 100 days of sketching and our journey together into the world of sketching. So, as always.

Till tomorrow!

Day 99: Axmouth Bridge

Day 99: Axmouth Bridge

So I’m going to say right off the bat that today’s sketch didn’t really go to plan at all.


So yer, as you can tell this isn’t my best piece. For some reason I’m finding it hard to do landscapes, probably due to the fact that I’ve been doing still life objects for so long or something along them lines. I also had a hard time getting the range of values in this piece which was a bit annoying ¬†though to be honest I hard a hard time full stop with it as I had to redraw the first pencil under-sketch at first due to it being completely out of scale).

Still I like the lamps on the bridge and the general shape of the sketch, its just the tones and the fact that the background looks a bit odd which is annoying me with it. Still I’m sure if I keep at it I’ll pick it up and get there.

Also tomorrow is my 100th daily sketch which is pretty cool. I’ll definitely have to try and find something that I might actually be able to draw well though seeing as it will be the centenary sketch.

Anyway we’ll have to see what comes up and won’t know till tommorrow so…..

Till tomorrow!

Day 98: Boats on the water!

Day 98: Boats on the water!

So today I actually managed to get what I said I would get done yesterday in the form of a outside drawing.


This is a slightly rushed picture of two boats on the local river. This was rushed due to how cold it was outside and the fact that it was beginning to rain which doesn’t really help when you have a thin paged sketchbook (plus it doesn’t help when your beginning to lose feeling in your fingers).

I also didn’t put a pencil underline in before the pen due to the time restraints and not being able to find one in my bag at the time.

Luckily I don’t think missing the pencil underline caused me that much problems though the subject in general wasn’t the easiest for me to draw but at least it looks like some boats on water which is the main thing (screw the background, I couldn’t work out how to make that work lol)

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to get another outdoor one done tomorrow though I’m not promising anything.

Till tomorrow!

Day 97: Hearts in a box!

Day 97: Hearts in a box

So today I’ve got a bit better with my time keeping and actually managed to post something in the morning rather than the usual 10 or 11pm at night.


Pretty sure we got these last year at some point (may have been as wedding gifts though given my wife she could have just bought them on a whim). Anyway I choose the subject because of wanting to attempt to get more practise with perspective. Not sure if I completely managed to achieve this but oh well it doesn’t look awful.

Speaking of subjects I want to try and get more outdoor sketches done as I’ve done mostly indoor ones lately on account of not having a lot of time to get outdoors to do them.

Hopefully though, now that the whole house moving has been, for the most part done, I can get out and about more before or after work and get some sketching done.

Anyway we’ll see how well this goes starting tomorrow so….

Till tomorrow!

Day 96: Fruits of my labour!

Day 96: Fruits of my labour!

So today I finally got the finished image uploaded so I’ll show you that in a minute. First though, I drew a bunch of grapes for no reason other than it was there and easy to draw. I had hoped to get out of the house but our fire is not playing ball at the moment so I was trying to fix that. Not sure how far I got but I’ll have to see.

Anyway the grapes.


Quite liked this sketch even though I didn’t think I would do as I was drawing it. The fruit looks 3d which is good as I was struggling to put the light spots in the correct places.

Anyway as I said I actually got the image uploaded ¬†the here’s the portrait of John Wayne done mostly in stippling.

John Wayne Portrait 2

Please ignore the whole shine on the black areas, the paper wasn’t the best quality as I didn’t intend it to be a finished piece in the first place.

Still I hope you all like the finished piece. Took my ages to do as well but I like the method so hope it’ll get quicker in the future with them.

Anyway there we go, its finally uploaded.

Till tomorrow!

Day 95: Controlled drawing

Day 95: Controlled Drawing

So today was a bit hectic but I had the evening to sit down and try a more controlled (literally) and detailed sketch in the form of this controller for the PS3.


Enjoyed being able to spend more time doing this as it enabled me to get the tones down a bit more accurately. Unfortunately the perspective and accuracy is off shape wise on one half of the controller but oh well at least I got the tones down fairly well.

I’ve also got tomorrow off work and nothing planned so will definitely try and get the finished piece uploaded then for you all too see. Anyway that’s all for today as its nearly midnight and I need to get this posted.

Till tomorrow!