Day 71: Boardgames!

Day 71: Boardgames!

So, with an hour and a half worth of sleep in the last 41 hours I wanted to try and choose something easy ti sketch tonight. Couldn’t really find anything that simple though so ended up sketching some items from my other favourite past time, boardgames!


Whilst the games shown don’t actually have any boards in them (in fact their both card games basically, one being Citadels and the others being expansions to Card’s Against Humanity!) all my actual boardgames are currently either at our new house or at my parents so it was all I had available to sketch.

Quite like the actual sketch given how fast I did it though I could definitely have pushed the values in them more and maybe got the whole perspective a bit more accurate.but still, given how tired I seem to now be, I’m happy.

Speaking of sleepy I’m kind of falling asleep at the keyboard here so I’m going to have love you all and leave you all!

Till tomorrow!


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