Day 60: Poang armchair(or something like that)

Day 60: Poang Armchair (or something like that)

So despite saying that I was going to sketch our new front door today, I ended up doing another still life sketch at my parents house. This time of this chair, apparently called a Poang armchair.

Poang armchair
Poang armchair

So, sorry about not getting the door done but I’ll try again tomorrow. Still 60 days marks two months (more or less) of doing these daily sketches which is a lot further than I initially thought I would get with them.

Not sure how accurate I was with this as the right hand side looks a bit off to me but I like it, especially the cushions. The shading could have been done better but I was getting confused with how to shade cream leather effectively next tot he darker wood.

Still, it looks like a chair which is the main thing so that’s all for today. Will try and get the door sketch done tomorrow in amongst all of the cleaning that we’ve got to do in the new house.

Till tomorrow


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