Day 56: Left to Rust!

Day 56: Left to Rust!

So today I ended up trying to find something and ended up with this instead.

left to rust
left to rust

So the plan today was to find the log pile that I tried to draw with coffee back on day 35 and to actually get a good drawing of it but unfortunately it had been collected since then and was no longer present.

So, rather perplexed that I may not be able to get a outside drawing as I was running out of time and didn’t really have any other ideas when, on my way back I came across these two rusted and abandoned containers which took my interested so I decided to draw them instead.

Although not exactly brilliant that these were just thrown in the hedge and left to rust, they did give me a rather interesting subject to try and draw, what with the man made metal against the natural twigs and leaves.

Although I liked the outcome the top half does seem a little awkward and didn’t really achieve the look I wanted with was of a mossy patch. Will have to try and practise undergrowth and moss a bit more in the future though am not sure how to do it at the moment.

Anyway, that’s all for today. Hope you like the sketch!

Till tomorrow!


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