Day 55: Tick tock, tick tock!

Day 55: Tick tock, tick tock

So today’s sketch was of a old clock.

Day 55's sketch.
Day 55’s sketch.

Really enjoyed this sketch of this old wind up clock. Done really quickly with a single pen this came out as one of my better sketches and I think I got the perspective near enough right in this one as well which is good as I generally struggle with that.

Other than that the actual picture is again a little bit washed out so I definitely need a better camera. Still i think I’m getting a bit better at pushing values which is good. The other thing that is a bit annoying but is something that I will have to learn how to deal with while working with biro is the who ink blots and continually blotting to get rid of them rather than having the blots come out on the drawing which, in this case didn’t really matter all that much but if I was trying to do a finished piece would be very annoying.


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