Day 72: Running with it!

Day 72: Running with it!

So today I decided to do another sketch of the mannequin that’s popped up a couple of times in the daily sketching.This time in a running pose.

Running with it for day 73!
Running with it for day 73!

I think I’ve managed to get the proportions down better with this sketch when compared tot he previous ones and the pose is more interesting. It also took a lot less time to do than the previous attempts (though to be fair one of them was painted rather than just done with pen).

Anyway as for the actual sketch I like it. I think I massaged to show the tones┬ábut there’s definitely still room for a lot of improvement with it. Also┬áthe picture isn’t the best as I didn’t have any natural light to take it in which doesn’t help.Still I’m happy with it so that’s the main thing.

In other news I’ve also nearly finished my first serious attempt at a actual pen portrait rendered in (mostly) stippling so that’ll be fun to show you guys when its finally done and we’ll also hopefully be actually moved into our new house by the end of this week which is brilliant!

Does however mean I might have to do more house work and sorting out over the next few weeks……

Oh well such is life.

Till tommorrow!


Day 72: Battered and Bruised!

Day 72: Battered and Bruised!

So today was another day where I ended up not having a lot of time to sketch so choose something simple, this time in the form of my phone, or rather the back of it and its rather battered case.

Battered and Bruised phone phone case.
Battered and Bruised phone phone case.

As you can probably tell the case is a bit battered and broken with chunks missing on several of the corner but it still does its job in protecting my phone (so far at least).

As for the actual sketch I like it, I mean its simple and was a quick and easy sketch but I still like the outcome. I’ve also realised that over the last week or so I’m begun to get a lot faster and enjoy the outcome of the sketches more which is always good and one of the main points of the whole daily sketching so I think I’m on the right track.

I mean I still have to get better at pushing the values while still maintaining a element of speed with it but oh well I’m sure it’ll get better as I hopefully improve more.

Till tomorrow!

Day 71: Boardgames!

Day 71: Boardgames!

So, with an hour and a half worth of sleep in the last 41 hours I wanted to try and choose something easy ti sketch tonight. Couldn’t really find anything that simple though so ended up sketching some items from my other favourite past time, boardgames!


Whilst the games shown don’t actually have any boards in them (in fact their both card games basically, one being Citadels and the others being expansions to Card’s Against Humanity!) all my actual boardgames are currently either at our new house or at my parents so it was all I had available to sketch.

Quite like the actual sketch given how fast I did it though I could definitely have pushed the values in them more and maybe got the whole perspective a bit more accurate.but still, given how tired I seem to now be, I’m happy.

Speaking of sleepy I’m kind of falling asleep at the keyboard here so I’m going to have love you all and leave you all!

Till tomorrow!

Day 70: Pad and Pencil!

Day 70-: Pad and Pencil!

So today I decided to complete the whole materials for sketching with the other bits that I use to do my pen art. Namely a pencil and a click eraser and of course the actual sketchpad.


Pretty basic stuff really. Just a HB Staedtler pencil with a click eraser and a WHSmith sketchpad. Nothing really fancy in regards to the pencil or pad but they do the job well and don’t cost the earth so are perfect for the job that I use them for.

Pretty sure I didn’t manage to get the whole 3D look for the click eraser but I’m pretty happy with the actual shapes of the items looking like the actual objects.

Other than that there’s not much else to say about them so we’ll leave it here for today.

Hope you all still enjoying the sketches and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have anything to say!

Till tomorrow!

Day 69: My implement of choice!

Day 69: My Implement of choice!

So today I decided to do something that was simple but a very important part of this blog and hobby in general. This would be my pen of choice!

My implement of choice!
My implement of choice!

This would be a uni-pin fine line pen form the Mitsubishi pencil company (this particular one is a 0.1mm nib). Together with a Tikky graphic pen (in 0.5 and 0.7mm nibs) these make up my 3 mainly used pens (I plan on replacing the .5 and .7 Tikky with more uni-pin ones at Christmas as I really like the uni-pin pens) This has been my pen of choice since I started to get into art as it was the only one I could find in a small enough nib when I started and it hasn’t done me wrong yet.

The only issue I have had with it is that the nib wears down before the ink runs out but I’m pretty sure this is down to the nib size rather than the make up of the pen. Also as this is less of a issues when I’m stippling which is my preferred rendering method anyway.

Anyway this is my pen of choice. Pretty small sketch for today but I’m pretty happy with it anyway.

Till tomorrow!

Day 68: Doorway to our future!

Day 68: Doorway to our future!

So, today I finally actually got the door sketch done!


Fairly happy with it as well even though it looks a bit wonky and the sizing was a bit off with it. The glass was also awkward to get right as they were meant to be a load of leaves not just random dots that it looks like but never mind. The latch is also a bit big but oh well, at least I’ve finally got the door done to go along with the keys!

Anyway not got much else to say really, back to work tomorrow so will be a bit limited again on drawing time. Still,such is life!

Till tomorrow!

Day 67: Wood for the fire!

Day 67: Wood for the fire!

Didn’t head up to the new house today so instead I have a sketch of the log basket at my parents house.

wood for the fire

Really liked the outcome of this sketch actually as I think I managed to get the shape and perspective down well as well as having pushed the values. Didn’t actually take me that long to do either which is nice as its probably one of my favourite sketches despite not being done in stippling like I’m trying to do more of.

Anyway hope you all enjoy the sketch too and tomorrow I will definitely be doing the door sketch!

Till tomorrow!

Day 66: Corner lamp sketch

Day 66: Corner lamp sketch

Well today was a pretty hectic day which meant that the sketch was another opportunity grab of a lamp in the corner.


Another attempt at some quick stippling with a larger nib pen than I normally use. Quite liked how this came out as well with tones working quite well when compared to the actual study object.

the only thing that is a issue with the larger nib is that the dots look more like dots which isn’t a huge issue really as it still looks like the object, would just look smoother with a smaller nib.

Anyway that’s all for today so I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Till tomorrow!

Day 65: Vase sketch (attempt at stippling quickly)

Day 65: Vase sketch (attempt at stippling quickly)

So, once again I still haven’t managed to sketch the damn front door but enough barking up that tree lets just get on with what I did manage to sketch which was a vase.


Pretty simple subject really so I decided to see if I could do a quick sketch with stippling. Turns out the answer to that is yes you can, just don’t try and do it with a 0.1mm pen nib as that doesn’t get you very far at all. Still I had a bigger nib pen on me so thought I’d give that a goi and see what the results were.

Luckily it seems to work pretty well actually for a quick sketch. Sure the values aren’t as smooth as if I had used a 0.1mm and a lot more time but it still gets the message across.

All this is good news to me as its definitely my preferred method of rendering and therefore will allow me to practise it in sketch form instead of just on my main pieces (of which my first and current one is getting nearer to completion!)

Anyway thats all for today.

Till tomorrow!