Day 20: Paington Zoo

Day 20: Paington Zoo

Well today as I mentioned yesterday we visited Paignton Zoo.Had a lovely day out too and managed to see every part of the Zoo which was pretty awesome (though I nearly killed a peacock by accident which would have sucked a bit).

Anyway, unfortunately the whole seeing everything didn’t really leave me all that much time to sketch. Still while we were sat down for a couple of minutes and towards the end of the day I did manage to get some sketching promised.

day 20 Paignton Zoo sketches.
day 20 Paignton Zoo sketches.

As you can hopefully see, this was a bird, a colourful frog and a random Coati which looked a little bit like a cross between badger and a fox (that’s probably the worse description ever but oh well). The hornbill is a bit of a fascination for me apparently as I’ve also drawn it in the sketchbook I took to Prague with me but hey, they look cool.

As for the frog, they looked cool and didn’t move too much, plus the wife was happy enough to wait around and look at all the other frogs while I was drawing/painting it and given that she’d already sat around while I drew the other things I didn’t want to push my luck too much.

Anyway that is all from the zoo. Sorry I didn’t get much more but I’m still a bit self conscious about painting in front of people so didnt get it out very much, but hey. Hopefully this will fade in time.

Till tomorrow


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