Daily Sketch 12: I like this plant

Daily Sketch 12: I like this plant

Well as you can probably guess form the title today’s sketch is a plant. The plant in the kitchen  to be precise ( I think its a lilly but not exactly sure). I’m a bit annoyed that I didn’t do a outside piece today but I was being super lazy after having family over for the weekend and spent half the day just doing random life drawings from youtube (croquis cafe I think the name of the channel was).

Anyway obviously I had to get a daily sketch in somewhere so sat down to relax and draw/ paint (what do you even term watercolour pencils as?) this plant.

Day 12 sketch, possibly a lilly, from the kitchen.
Day 12 sketch, possibly a lilly, from the kitchen.

I also really like how this turned out. Probably my favourite one so far. Its definitely fun finding out how a medium works (or at least I think I’m finding it out). Anyway I hope you all enjoy this sketch =.

Till tomorrow.


Day 11: Why weather why?

Day 11: Why weather, why?

So today was one of them days where I plan to try and do a interesting painting and the weather says no. Basically we visited Barrington Court this afternoon with the family on the basis that the rain would stop in the afternoon and I could get a sketch done while the kids were running around outside.

Needless to say the weather didn’t comply and we had a rather wet afternoon and no time to stop and sketch as everyone was a bit wet and miserable.

As such and due to a busy evening I had to settle for the tree in the back garden which, having finished the sketch shows that I really need to practise a bit more on my trees. I don’t mind my flowers and bushes so much but my trees just look flat. Still practice makes perfect and all that so will have to find some more to sketch till I get the hang of it.

The tree in the back garden for day 11.
The tree in the back garden for day 11.

Also I apologies for the colours again, I had to take this photo in artificial light.

Till tomorrow.

Day 10: Summer house in the sun.

Day 10: Summer house in the sun!

hey guys and girls, today I was lucky enough to have a pretty nice day and a couple of hours spare after looking at what will hopefully be our house before long, to get the daily sketch done.

Day 10 sketch of my parents summer house
Day 10 sketch of my parents summer house

Choose my parents summer house as the study object today as it seemed like an interesting shape to do with some nice vegetation around it to compliment the angular building.(bonus of having a avid gardener for a father is that there garden is full of interesting plant life to paint in the future). Although it does look a bit spartan in the background I think it got the summer house quite well and I’m really trying to get the time I spend on the sketch down a  bit, as an hour is a pretty long amount of time for a sketch but I’m hoping that speed will come with experience and practise.

Anyway that’s all for today so I’ll see you tomorrow for the next sketch.

Day 9: Finally outside again!

Day 9: Finally outside again!

Well I finally got outside again today. Managed to leave work an hour early and the weather held out for me to get a sketch done outside. Found myself a nice peaceful garden in the nearby churchyard with a pedestal in the centre which I thought would make a good sketch.

Day 9 sketch of a small churchyard garden
Day 9 sketch of a small churchyard garden

Done using the technique I’ve used the last couple of times where I throw down a load of random colours in basically the right place then outline the resulting shapes in pen. Pretty happy with this one as well actually, turned out pretty nicely even if the colours are a bit more washed out than in real life.

Anyway have some family around over the next few days so may be a couple of small sketches but will definitely get them in somehow.

Till tomorrow.

Day 8: Just a small one today.

Day 8: Just a small one today

Right then just a small one today guys because I’ve got to get myself up to bed for work tomorrow. Anyway the weather was basically being annoying and decided to rain and then look like it was going to rain for the entire part of the day that I had off from work.

As such I just choose a small statue thing that we had in the house (I think it was a joke gift from work colleagues to my father in law) and sketched that instead. Again I did the watercolour pencils first then outlined it in black to make it pop a bit to get me to a place where I was fairly happy with it. I also need to get a lot faster at these as I tend to get distracted at times.

Oh well all things I can learn (hopefully)

Day 8 sketch of a mini statue.
Day 8 sketch of a mini statue.

Till tomorrow!

Day 7: Finally got outside!

Day 7: Finally got outside!

Well today was a good day for the blog, partly because we’ve hit the first week milestone (though calling it a milestone is a little bit of a stretch), but mainly because I finally managed to get outside to actually do some plein air stuff (using art terms makes me more professional right?).

So, after wandering around the village for a while trying to find a bench to sit down and sketch from I ended up on a big wooded green type thing looking at some trees, what I assume was lavender (or some other purple flower) and the sides of some buildings.

Day 7 sketch, finally some outside sketching!
             Day 7 sketch, finally some outside sketching!

Wanted to do this without any pen originally but basically without the pen it looked like a huge mess, in fact at one point I was like this is awful, so I thought how much worse can pen make it it and added the pen which helped give it shape and made it look a awful lot better.

So there we go, a happy mistake to end our first week of daily sketches on!

Till tomorrow

Day 6: Rain is not being helpful again

Rain is not being helpful again

Right then day 6 and I’m still going strong. Decided that the British weather at the moment is being a bit of a pain in the neck but apart form that it’s all good.

Didn’t really have much time or opportunities to do a outside sketch today despite wanting to as I was working from 6am to 5pm and then had to eat and stuff. Still I can’t not sketch something because its been a long day and its raining so choose a wooden car we found when clearing out my Grandad’s house mainly due to loving the colours of the wood on it.

Not sure the perspective came out right again, and it took a while due to me being distracted by twitch streamers (Creees and Moltenink in particular tonight) but I’m fairly happy with it. The coulors are also a bit off from what there like on paper due to artificial lighting conditions but still, waiting for light would have meant failing the day and we couldn’t have that.

Anyway here’s the sketch, hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get some outdoor sketching done, there’s a phonebox used as a library I want to sketch and a hilltop beacon nearby.

Day 6's wooden car sketch
               Day 6’s wooden car sketch

Till tomorrow

Day 5: No coffee so piano

Day 5: No Coffee so piano

Right well today we have a sketch of a piano from the house. It wasn’t however what I’d planned to do for today as I’d had to go into town to do some stuff and was hoping to get a sketch done while enjoying a coffee in one of around 20 coffee places that they have in Exeter. Alas it wasn’t too be as all the cafes were full and the wet weather outside wasn’t exactly perfect for sketching (especially if I wanted to use watercolour pencils).

So anyway here’s what I went with instead, a sketch of the piano in the corner of the living room using some new watercolours that I picked up while in town.


Till tomorrow


Day 4: Right, managed to give myself some more time today.

Day 4: Managed some more time today.

Right then today I managed to get a bit more time to sit down and actually get a sketch done. Sat in the garden this evening for this one and looked at the nearby church tower over the fence.

Sketch from the garden looking at the church tower for day 4.
Sketch from the garden looking at the church tower for day 4.

Done with pen and watercolour pencils. I quite like it though the perspective is off in it. Plus the sky wasn’t meant to come out that dark but the technique I tried to use of using sharpening shavings rather than colouring it didn’t work all so well, oh well I still think it looks alright.

Till tommorrow!